Anderson and Trotter Media Group LLC is a digital mobile billboard advertising agency based in Fairbanks, Alaska. A&T is the first of its kind in Alaska, and is already transforming the Interior’s mass media landscape with high-res mobile billboards, videos and digital imagery.

A&T’s mission is to use innovative technology and design to improve communication between businesses and their target demographics/audiences. As a company competing within the digital outdoor advertising sector its important that we provide advertisers with the most cost-effective way to target consumers on their path to purchase.

A&T Media Group will make your brand the main Event through Mobile Digital Billboard Advertising.
Break away from creative limitations set by stationary outdoor mass media.
Reach any outdoor (or indoor) environment that’s vehicle accessible.
Adjust messaging in real-time as the audience and geography change.
Develop strategic routes or schedules that can provide high reach, high frequency, or both.
Be seen crisply, even on the brightest days.
A&T Media can be found at grand openings, major sporting events, festivals, concerts—you name it! With leading-edge features and capabilities, A&T will make your brand the main event.